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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dinosaur Jazz Contest

Here's my entry for the Michael Panush Writing Prompt Contest :)

What Jack loved the most about his new mechanical night vision glasses was how well they matched his hat. Really, they would go with anything in his wardrobe and he was glad they did.

One night as he sat reading his favorite book a strange noise came from the attic. Jack wanted to go find out who was up there, but he needed his hat and goggles.
Walking into the closet, Jack noticed something was terribly wrong. His steam-carriage idled quietly, yet Jack did not remember cranking the engine. He tried cutting the engine off but it still hummed softly in the darkness. It was time. Jack's mouth went dry and his fingers trembled with excitement.

He knew that once he entered the steam-carriage he might never return. But unfortunately for him, the Society left him no choice. At least they had given him the option to take Lucy, if she would go. Jack hoped she would. He knew she had some kind of strange power.

Every time she was around, strange things would happen. Power outages, brief tremors, and climate changes were among the many phenomenons that would occur whenever she was close by.
 Jack saw this as an opportunity to witness her abilities firsthand. But then again, Lucy may not have any powers at all. Perhaps the blackouts and earthquakes were just natural, but his gut told him that she had something special within her, just waiting to be unlocked, and if so, he was going to find out.
He was so consumed with Lucy's 'abilities' that he completely forgot about the carriage.


  1. Nice lead! This is way different than I expected it would be. I never thought about moving away from Jacks journey and adding in Lucy's. Or maybe Jacks journey just changed directions. Either way, I loved your entry!